Thursday, 1 September 2011

Now is the time to shop!!!

I have discovered that there is no better time than now to shop. Truly. Even with all the economic woes at the moment. Why? Well, right now we are heading into Spring, so retailers are desperately trying to get rid of the last of their Winter stock, which means huge savings for you!

First case study: I recently bought a pair of ankle boots from Wittner - round toe, stacked 7cm heel (not too high!), black baby calf leather. They are extremely comfortable to wear (I wore them out on a day of shopping on the weekend and was NOT crippled with pain by the end of the day) and are so versatile (I can wear them with practically anything in my wardrobe and they instantly add a touch of tough cool to any outfit). Best of all... they were on sale, costing me only $68.00 - they were originally $169.95. That's a saving of $101.95 !!!

Wittner Axy Boots
Second case study: I bought another pair of ankle boots from Sheriton Shoes - Siren black leather lace up ankle boots with a 13 cm heel. These were on sale also, priced at $80.00, originally $169.95. When the sales girl kindly informed me they were an extra 30% off, I snapped them up straightaway for $56.00 saving myself $113.95 !!!

Siren Marlow boots (from Sheriton Shoes)

The great thing is that ankle boots are still a strong trend at the moment, so I know that I will get some great wear from both these boots. And when you add up the cost of what I ended up paying for these 2 boots ($68.00 + $56.00 = $124.00) it doesn't even add up to the price of one pair of boots. Now that's a bargain!

Like them for yourself? I think the Axy boots are still available at Wittner (check it out at:, but I'm not sure if the Siren (Marlow) boots are still available at Sheriton Shoes (

Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Who doesn't love shopping and picking up a great bargain? Personally, I find bagging a bargain the highlight of my retail therapy! So many times I get asked "Where did you get that?" or "How much did that cost?" and when I tell them people are always suprised! So now I will be sharing all my great bargain buys, from fashion, beauty and more. Watch this space - maybe something will catch your eye too!